UK finance lease

In the United Kingdom there are many companies who specialise in UK finance lease in the car industry. Throughout the United Kingdom there are companies who will lease out vehicles to other companies and individuals for private use.

The term UK finance lease is in reference to a contract that is drawn up between the client and finance company in the United Kingdom to determine how long the finance company will lease the vehicle to its client and for how much each month. This will also include any other information regarding the terms and conditions of the lease, this is also known as the leasing options.

The lease of any vehicle within the United Kingdom will be relevant to UK finance lease. This includes the rental of vehicles such as vans (known as van hire) and cars (known as car hire).

With UK finance lease you will be paying a set amount each month to rent out the vehicle that is stated in the contract, the company will have its own policies and checks that it will have to do before it will allow a rental car to be taken out on lease, such as valid licence, proof of who you are in the form of multiple identification certificates or cards.

Transport Rental in the United Kingdom is much more popular now than it used to be a few years ago vehicles are much more expensive to run and purchase than they used to be and so more individuals and companies are optioning to rent their vehicles.

Companies that choose to offer UK finance lease options are usually referred to as contract hire leasing companies or lease hire. These are found in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. These companies allow people to rent out a vehicle for a number of weeks, months or years and have a set amount you pay to rent it for each month.

Some UK finance lease companies will also offer the option of hire purchase. This is very similar to purchase hire however the main big difference is at the end of the contract you actually get to own the chosen vehicle. Each monthly payment goes towards paying off the amount left on the car, unlike a monthly rental.

Contract Car Deals

ImageMake / ModelCostQuote Me

4x4 - CJ Tafft Ltd Leasing Deals Mercedes - 4x4
Merc GLC 220d 4matic Sport Auto

People Carrier - CJ Tafft Ltd Leasing Deals BMW - People Carrier
BMW 320d Efficient Dynam Plus Est Man

Hatchback & Saloon - CJ Tafft Ltd Leasing Deals Suzuki - Hatchback & Saloon
Suzuki SX4 Cross HB 1.0 Boosterjet SZ4 5dr

Hatchback & Saloon - CJ Tafft Ltd Leasing Deals BMW - Hatchback & Saloon
BMW M5 4dr DCT